Sunday, September 26, 2010

sudden heartbreak

poem ko based from what i'm feeling right now... bgla ko nalang nakalimutan ung isa... nasapawan ng isa..

I can’t talk,
I can’t smile,
All I can do is sleep
Trying to forget things in an instant with weep

It hurts
It sucks
Why im a such a freak
Why can’t I move on
Its not like years, only a day
Yet I thought you were my life…
Why is that easy on you to do that to me
Yet its so hard to forget you.

I cant even tell others
They may even just laugh at me
How I wish we never met
Now im a proof of living dead

I may say it doesn’t matter
But deep inside its freaking bad
I may have to find another
But it won’t be as easy as that

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