Friday, March 31, 2006


Nanuod ako ng DVD Korean Movie.. hehe 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant! Ang Bida doon ay sina Ha Ji Won at Kim Jae Won! Grabe nakakatawa! Hahaha Kahit isang saglit nakalimutan ko siya.. Grabe! Highly Recommended to!

Grabe idol ko na si Ha Ji Won! Siya si Erika sa Memories of Bali.. MapaBida o MapaKontrabida.. OK siya! Noong 2001 pa ata ito pero ngayon ko lang napanuod.. ehehe

Story: Ha-young, a high school student, wishes to meet her prince charming, and one day her dream comes true. Sort of. Shes having one of those days, when she hits Hyung-joon, a university student, who is driving his expensive Lexus430. The car ends up against a wall with a scratch on the front. Ha-young, miraculously escapes the scene and leaves behind a furious Hyung-joon.

Hyung-joon is not ready to let this go and decides to track down Ha-young and make her pay for the reparation. Ha-young unfortunately doesnt have the money Hyung-joon wants, so between them, they sign an agreement. Ha-young has to be Hyung-joons slave for the next hundred days. Cleaning his house and his car, carrying his shopping bags and even assisting him with his school reports, it will be a nightmare for Ha-young, until she discovers that Hyung-joon lied about the price of the reparations. From then on, its payback time for Ha-young.

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